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I'm an experienced Criminal Appeals and Civil Appeals attorney with extensive litigation experience in both State and Federal Court. If you're facing criminal charges, or have been convicted, contact my office.

The criminal justice system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – we're here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Don't let yourself get buried in details. Contact my Firm instead.

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IT'S Not just your case, IT'S also your life

       This Firm is committed to providing the fullest and most complete representation available for our family and friends.  If the Firm decides to take your case, then you are treated like our family. The Firm fights and prepares to win every time, no matter if it's a city, state, or federal criminal defense case or criminal appeal.  The Firm will exercise our ability to research and investigate all possible winning strategies for your particular case. Our job is to study your case and find the best legal solution to raise every reasonable doubt.  However, the reality is that not all cases can be won. The Firm promises an optimal combination of legal strategies, science, and technology to fight your case. While the Firm takes every effort to minimize cost, complex cases can become expensive. Payment plans are readily available 

      Want a lawyer that uses legal research science and technology to find reasonable doubt? We maintain access to scholarly journals on a variety of topics from addiction, narcotics, and psychology to abuse, medicine, and technology. Want a lawyer that treats you like family? We'll do like family should, and tell it to you straight. No hyper-technical jargon to confuse you into a bad deal. You'll get it raw. A Dallas lawyer that really cares?

       If you or someone you know needs a lawyer or legal counsel regarding any type of criminal case, city, state, or federal complaint then call the DFW Criminal Defense Lawyer has studied an array of legal strategies to bring your problem to a positive resolution. Call someone that will treat you like a good friend.  We can discuss your case in detail and determine if you have an appeal.

       If I'm not in Court, I'm available for any questions you may have.  Remember, this is your life, this may be a matter of your freedom, you need a lawyer that looks at you as a person, not a case number.  It's not just your case, it's your life. You need an attorney that will fight for your freedom using all available resources.  If you need me call 469.554.0432

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